Jump Highway Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring in Food or Drink?

No Outside food and Drink. We have snacks and drinks available in vending machines.

Is there an age limit to Jump?

We have no age limit! Children must be old enough to walk on their own. For Children under 42" we designate a special area to jump for their safety.

What should I wear for jumping?

Jumping is done in bare feet or wearing TREADED socks. NO SHOES. ( Vibram foot gloves or similar ok ). Clothing must be free of rear zippers, buckles, buttons, or other sharp objects. Hanging Jewelry and rings that have sharp edges (diamonds included) are not allowed on the trampolines. We have rent able lockers for valuables.

Do we need to make reservations to jump?

No reservations required, currently our site is under maintenance and not taking reservations. Walk in only.

Is Jump Highway safe?

Our trampolines are designed and built to provide maximum safety for all jumpers. We control the numbers of jumpers at the facility, at any one time, to prevent overcrowding. Our Jump Highway Patrol personnel actively monitor each jump zone, to assure best safety practices. As in any active sport, there is risk of injury and we encourage participants to be familiar with our activities prior to jumping.

Are there any group discounts?

Non Profit Groups please fill out the Donation & Discount Request form by going to Parties and Events, Groups page.

Can I hold a fundraiser at Jump Highway?

Absolutely. Click here to learn how.

Is Dodge ball private?

No, all the jumpers that want to play Dodge ball form a line and our Jump Highway Patrol Staff divide up the teams. We host dodge ball tournaments and have a sign up sheet when active under forms and downloads.

Is there any place for adults to rest, get refreshments, and work on a computer?

Yes, we have a seating area near our foam pits, a lounge area upstairs with court views, TV, and WiFi for all.

If my child has been to Jump Highway before, do they need another waiver?

If you have completed and signed the online waiver in the last 12 months, the answer is no. If you have signed a paper waiver then yes. You will have received a copy of your waiver in your email to know for sure.